MGNREGA and Agriculture in Kashmir Valley: A Case Study of District Budgam

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Mohsin Majeed
G. M. Bhat


The paper attempts to evaluate the impact of MGNREGA on agriculture in general. The study also attempts to find whether there is any association between the level of improvement in agriculture brought in by MGNREGA and the type of land (irrigated or Un-irrigated) in district Budgam of Kashmir valley. The study is based on primary survey. The sample constitutes both beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of the scheme. The results of the study reveal that majority of the respondents own farm lands having marginal landholdings. It was found that MGNREGA has overall improved the agriculture in the region. The results of the study also reveal that MGNREGA has been more effective in improving agriculture in those areas where irrigation facility is already available compared to those which are still depended on rainwater. It is recommended that more and more land should be brought under irrigation to make MGNREGA more fruitful for the rural community.

MGNREGA, agriculture, irrigated land, un-irrigated land.

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Majeed, M., & Bhat, G. M. (2021). MGNREGA and Agriculture in Kashmir Valley: A Case Study of District Budgam. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 21(1), 121-129.
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