The Impact of Intra-organizational Brand on Customer Loyalty and Organizational Performance: Special Reference to Iran Insurance Company in Tehran, Iran

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Afsaneh Parsamand


This study was conducted with the aim to investigate the role of intra-organizational brand and its utilization in purchasing portfolios of companies listed in the stock exchange with the approach of customer loyalty and organizational performance. The research method is descriptive-correlational. To this end, the researcher considered all employees of Iran Insurance Company in Tehran, which consisted of 440 people, as a statistical population. Using Cochran's formula, 210 people were determined as the sample size, and a non-random convenience sampling method was employed. In this study, the customer loyalty questionnaire, intra-organizational brand survey questionnaire, and organizational performance questionnaire were exploited. The content validity of the questionnaires was approved, and the reliability of the questionnaires was confirmed through Cronbach's alpha coefficient. For the data analysis, the Pearson correlation test was used. The results of the test indicated that the relationship between all variables of the research was significant, and the research hypotheses were confirmed. The results of the study demonstrate that as the t value is above 3, and the significance level is less than 0.05, so all research variables are significant.

Intra-organizational brand, strategic brand management, customer loyalty, customer performance.

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Parsamand, A. (2020). The Impact of Intra-organizational Brand on Customer Loyalty and Organizational Performance: Special Reference to Iran Insurance Company in Tehran, Iran. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 19(4), 38-47.
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