Influence of Motivational Strategies on Employee Performance in Public University Campuses in Kericho County, Kenya

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Benjamin Bett Cheruiyot
Martin Onsiro


This study analyzed the influence of motivational strategies on employee performance in public university campuses in Kericho County, Kenya. It was apparent that various motivational strategies played key roles in shaping the performances of employees in any organization. Despite this fact, most organizations had not been able to pin-point the crucial motivational strategies and the extent to which they affected the individual employee performance. The study was motivated by the need to fill up the academic gap on the influence of motivational strategies on employee performance in public university campuses. Cross-sectional survey design was adopted when collecting data. The study targeted a population of 412 teaching and executive staff in public university campuses in Kericho County. A sample of 106 respondents representing 26% of the target population was selected. Stratified random sampling was utilized in selecting the respondents for the study. Primary data was collected from the study respondents using questionnaire. A pilot study was conducted on data collection instrument to pre-test its validity before the main survey, while data reliability was measured using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. Data was presented through tables, charts and graphs. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23.0 was used to aid in coding, entry and analysis of quantitative data. Finally, there is conclusion and recommendation based on the findings.

Leadership style, motivational strategies, reward, working environment.

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Cheruiyot, B. B., & Onsiro, M. (2020). Influence of Motivational Strategies on Employee Performance in Public University Campuses in Kericho County, Kenya. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 16(3), 1-15.
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