Effects of Strategic Management on Organizational Performance in Manufacturing Firms in South-East Nigeria

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Onyekwelu Njideka Phina


This study investigated the effect of strategic management on organizational performance with particular reference to some manufacturing firms in South-East Nigeria. The study is anchored on classical theory and resource-based theory. The population of the study is comprised of 1200 employees while the sample size consisted of 300 employees of the selected manufacturing firms through the use of Taro Yamane’s formula. Multiple regression analysis was employed to analyze the data generated. It was discovered that all the strategic processes including strategy objective, strategy formulation, Strategy implementations and Strategy evaluation had significant effects on organizational performance of manufacturing firms in South East, Nigeria. The study therefore concluded that strategic management has significant effect on organizational performance in South East, Nigeria. Hence, it was recommended that strategic objective should be in line with the objective of the organization in order to achieve organizational objective and effective employee performance. Also, that organization should seek more input from the lower level managers and supervisors when formulating strategy so that the formulated plans will be effective and in line with both long and short term objectives of the organization.

Strategic management, organizational performance and manufacturing firms in South- East Nigeria.

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Phina, O. N. (2020). Effects of Strategic Management on Organizational Performance in Manufacturing Firms in South-East Nigeria. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 15(2), 24-31. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajeba/2020/v15i230211
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