Challenges and Countermeasures to Prevent and Resolve Financial Risks

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Chen Zhu
Zixuan Fu


Preventing and resolving financial risks has a bearing on national security, overall development, and people's property security. It is a battle that cannot be lost. 2020 is the most crucial year to win the battle against major risks. As a core component of China's financial system, banking financial institutions bear the main responsibility of preventing and controlling financial risks, and they are also the main force in preventing and defusing financial risks. In the past period of time, banking financial institutions have implemented different strategies for different risks, accurately detonated bombs, and achieved phased goals. The rapid growth of non-performing loans has been contained, but there are still some potential risks that cannot be ignored. Therefore, from the perspective of preventing systemic risks, the task of winning the formidable battle is still very arduous, and it needs to be fully motivated and go all out to resolve the risks.

Challenges and countermeasures, financial risks, potential risks.

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Zhu, C., & Fu, Z. (2020). Challenges and Countermeasures to Prevent and Resolve Financial Risks. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 14(4), 1-6.
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