The Impact of Sponsorship on Brand Equity of Cellular Networks in Hyderabad Pakistan

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Asif Ali Shah
Haris Memon
Ayesha Noor
Syeda Sidra
Aqsa Bhutto
Abraz Khan


Wireless and mobile networks are quickly becoming the consequential type of network access for telecommunication services and with the emergence of modern technologies the number of users has also increased numerously. Similarly, In Pakistan advance facilitating promotions and improved service quality of mobile networks have enormously raised 161.24 million users of mobile networks till july-2019. Due to the innovative advancement and Hi-tech competition in the market the networks use different strategies to retain and sustain the brand equity such as, Linking the brand with an event via sponsorship enables companies to reach consumers’ interest and attention by associating with the events that hold great importance to them. This research article is based on determining the effect of sponsorship on the components of brand equity such as brand loyalty, brand awareness and perceived quality. The methodology adopted for this using a survey questionnaire based on 5-likert scale, and the primary data collection source was sample of 160 respondents. The reliability and regression analysis were used to determine the effects of sponsorships. The results of the reliability shows that the Cronbach’s Alpha lies in the range of good and excellent, Furthermore, it indicate that the sponsorship have positive and significant impact on brand awareness, brand loyalty and perceived quality. Therefore, Managers need to increase the use of sponsorship as a tool, for effective marketing communication, sponsor events for which their customers are emotionally connected and use its attention for their brand and build strong brand equity. In a highly competitive environment, sponsorship activities can help telecom companies attain a completive edge over others.

Sponsorship, brand equity, cellular network, perceived quality.

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Ali Shah, A., Memon, H., Noor, A., Sidra, S., Bhutto, A., & Khan, A. (2020). The Impact of Sponsorship on Brand Equity of Cellular Networks in Hyderabad Pakistan. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 13(3), 1-12.
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