The Influence of Health Facilities and Personnel on Life Expectancy in Yogyakarta Province

Sri Suharsih *

UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Ammar Thorif

UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Mufiidah Qurrota ‘Aini

UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Agnes Debora Sinaga

UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Aims: Health service development aims to improve the quality of human resources. In this case, health development leads to public awareness and their desire to live healthily. One indicator of development success is the change in the average life expectancy (AHH) of an area. Life expectancy is a national or regional standard for measuring the government's success in improving public health. The life expectancy rate for DIY Province will be the highest in Indonesia in 2022.

Study Design:  This research is using quantitative design with analysing data time series using secondary data.

Place and Duration of Study: Sample: The data used is annual data from 2000 to 2022, obtained from the online data of the Yogyakarta Health ministry and in figure.

Methodology: The analytical method used is multiple regression on time series data.

Results: The results of the study showed that the number of health workers, outpatient visits, and inpatient visits did not have a significant effect, while the number of hospitals and health centres had a significant effect on life expectancy. It is hoped that this research can become the basis for policies to increase higher-quality medical personnel in the future.

Conclusion: The number of health workers, outpatients, and inpatients does not significantly impact life expectancy unless accompanied by quality facilities and infrastructure. In times of crisis (e.g. pandemic), inadequate facilities can decrease life expectancy. Additionally, increasing health workers without equal distribution, especially in remote areas, has no effect on life expectancy. However, the number of hospitals and health centers has a significant impact on life expectancy as they provide essential disease prevention and treatment services.

Keywords: Health facilities, life expectancy, DIY, expectancy in DIY, multiple regression

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Suharsih , Sri, Ammar Thorif, Mufiidah Qurrota ‘Aini, and Agnes Debora Sinaga. 2024. “The Influence of Health Facilities and Personnel on Life Expectancy in Yogyakarta Province”. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting 24 (6):507-14.


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