Group Economics as a Catalyst for Enhancing Housing Supply: A Case Study of Miami, South Florida

Chukwudum Theophilus Muoneke *

University of Miami, Miami, United States.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Affordable housing remains a critical issue in the United States, particularly in South Florida, where rising costs have marginalized many low- and middle-income families. Traditional housing supply mechanisms often struggle with inefficiencies related to funding, policy constraints, and market dynamics. This article explored the potential of group economics as an innovative approach to enhance housing supply in South Florida, specifically through a case study in Miami. Group economics, rooted in cooperative behavior and mutual aid, emphasizes collective action and resource pooling to address housing challenges. The study employs a qualitative strategy that involves document analysis to provide a detailed examination of three specific projects: Liberty City Community Land Trust (CLT), Little Havana Cooperative Housing, and the Overtown Collective Self-Build Project. The data were gathered from policy documents, statistical reports, and existing literature on these projects. Findings indicate that the Liberty City CLT model successfully provided long-term affordable housing through land leases, enhancing community stability and engagement despite funding challenges. The Little Havana Cooperative Housing project demonstrated significant cost savings and improved quality of life for residents through shared amenities and democratic governance, though it faced complexities in decision-making processes. The Overtown Collective Self-Build Project achieved substantial cost reductions and skill development among participants, fostering strong community bonds, albeit requiring significant time investment. Comparative analysis revealed that while all three models effectively increased housing affordability and supply, each had unique strengths and scalability challenges. The CLT model ensured long-term affordability, the cooperative housing model provided immediate cost savings and enhanced amenities, and the self-build project promoted self-sufficiency and skill acquisition. This study underscores the potential of group economics to provide sustainable and community-focused housing solutions. It advocates for addressing the urgent need for affordable housing in urban centers like Miami.

Keywords: Housing solution, group economics, real estate, affordable housing

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Muoneke, Chukwudum Theophilus. 2024. “Group Economics As a Catalyst for Enhancing Housing Supply: A Case Study of Miami, South Florida”. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting 24 (6):496-506.


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