Organizational Justice and Its Effects on Employee Retention in Banana Companies: A Quantitative Analysis

Maelyn L. Salova *

Santo Tomas College of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

Jenica R. Samperoy

Santo Tomas College of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

Hazel Mae C. Llorente

Faculty, Santo Tomas College of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This study aimed to determine the relationship between organizational justice and employee retention in banana companies. A quantitative approach with descriptive and correlational designs was used. The respondents of the study were 89 employees working in two banana companies in the Municipality of Santo Tomas. The respondents were selected through convenience sampling technique. Mean and Pearson-r were used to analyze the data, which were obtained through the use of two adapted questionnaires. The findings revealed that organizational justice in terms of distributive justice, procedural justice, and interactional justice is always manifested in banana companies. On the other hand, employee retention in terms of a positive work environment, employee freedom and flexibility, employee involvement and growth, employee communication and assistance, and compensation and benefits are always manifested, too. The result indicated that there was a significant relationship between organizational justice and employee retention in banana companies. The findings suggested that banana companies may prioritize a fair distribution of workloads based on employees' skills and experience to ensure fairness. Management may have regular team outings or social events for building relationships and conducting frequent trainings, which shows the organization's commitment to employee growth. Future researchers may conduct studies investigating factors or mediators such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and leadership styles, which may help in gaining insight into the deeper processes in this relationship.

Keywords: Organizational justice, employee retention, banana companies, quantitative analysis

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Salova, Maelyn L., Jenica R. Samperoy, and Hazel Mae C. Llorente. 2024. “Organizational Justice and Its Effects on Employee Retention in Banana Companies: A Quantitative Analysis”. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting 24 (6):328-46.


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