Customer Satisfactions on Islamic Banking Services in Almadinah City, Saudi Arabia

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Wesal M. Aldarabseh


Providing quality services is a key element to compete in the banking industry. Islamic banks showed significant expansion in the past decades worldwide.  In the current study, customer satisfaction towards services provided by Islamic banks in Almadinah city, Saudi Arabia was investigated. A total of 292 customers of full-fledged Islamic banks were recruited in the study. Customer satisfaction was measured using a self-administered questionnaire. The results showed acceptable levels of customer satisfaction toward Islamic banking services (85%). In addition, personnel, image, reliability, and compliance with Islamic law were the most important service dimensions that affect customer satisfaction. Finally, gender differences were noticed with respect to customer satisfaction with females seemed to be less satisfied than males. The present findings provide positive feedback to the Islamic banking sector in Almadinah city to improve customer satisfaction of their services.

Almadinah, Islamic banks, services, satisfaction, Saudi Arabia

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Aldarabseh, W. M. (2019). Customer Satisfactions on Islamic Banking Services in Almadinah City, Saudi Arabia. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 11(4), 1-8.
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