Marketing Analysis of Garri Products in Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State

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Nurudeen Yakubu Zakariya
Abdul Sado Yakubu
Momoh I. Yalo


In Nigeria, the marketing of agricultural produce is far from being efficient. Unpredictable fluctuation in the prices of various foodstuffs like Gari has become a common feature of the nation’s economy. The situation is such that the consumers of agricultural foodstuff pay exorbitant prices while the producers receive relatively low prices. This research focused on the economics of Gari Marketing Enterprise in Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria. Ankpa Local Government Area consists of 5 districts out of which 3 were sampled and used for the study. 6 wholesalers and 6 retailers were sampled from each village making a total of 120 respondents. Responses from 100 respondents made up of 40 wholesalers and 60 retailers. Profitability analysis model was used in data analysis. Finding shows that Marketing of Gari was found to be profitable at the whole sale. This study recommend that marketers should form cooperative societies to enable them handle some of the marketing activities as well as establish Gari processing mills silos to reduce costs.

Marketing, Gari enterprise, profitability analysis, whole sale

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Zakariya, N., Yakubu, A., & Yalo, M. (2019). Marketing Analysis of Garri Products in Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 11(2), 1-7.
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